Thrive: Home-based & Healthy

Thrive: Home-based & Healthy revolves around maintaining your health through a home-based freelancing lifestyle. From building healthy habits and mindsets to being aware of the positive and negative effects of various foods to developing the patience required to discover what works for your body, schedule, and resources, Thrive will cover all the techniques I’ve used to lose 145 lbs., overcome morbid obesity, and maintain my weight for the past 9 years.



Benefits of a food Journal: Using awareness and accountability to make healthier food choices

Substitution not deprivation: Shopping tips to maximize health benefits and curb hunger

Preparing for war: How to beat the convenience trap of junk food with food prep



2-3 hour talk with an optional 15 – 30 minutes of Q and A




Food Journal Sampler: An easy-to-use 1 sheet/1-week journal entry format for recording healthy habits.