I'll be referencing some of these books in my future blog entries. They're mostly business-related and can probably help most freelancers deal with several issues like motivation, marketing, and emotional stability. 



I focus on reading books that involve self-improvement, leadership, management, motivational, languages, fitness, and nutrition. I started a daily 25-minute reading habit back in early 2017.

My main goal at the start of the year was a minimum of 1 book per month.

Here are the books I covered for my 2017 run: 

1.       Start with Why (Simon Sinek)

2.       Leaders Eat Last (Simon Sinek)

3.       Together is better (Simon Sinek)

4.       Find Your Why (Simon Sinek, David Mead, and Peter Docker)

5.       Scarcity: Why Having Too Little Means So Much (Eldar Shafir and Sendhil Mullainathan)

6.       The War for Talent (Beth Axelrod, Ed Michaels, and Helen Handfield-Jones)

7.       The Platinum Rule (Michael O’Connor and Tony Alessandra)

8.       Show and Tell: How Everybody Can Make Extraordinary Presentations (Dan Roam)

9.       Ted Talks (Chris Anderson)

10.   Talk like Ted (Carmine Gallo)

11.   Show your work (Austin Kleon)

12.   The Crossroads of should and must (Elle Luna)

13.   The life-changing magic of tidying up (Marie Kondo)

14.   7 Habits of Highly Effective People (Stephen R. Covey)

15.   Living the 7 habits (Stephen R. Covey)

16.   Jab, Jab, Jab, right hook (Gary Vaynerchuk)

17.   #Askgaryvee (Gary Vaynerchuk)

18.   Brain Rules (John Medina)

19.   The Tao of Leadership (John Heider)

20.   Tools of Titans (Tim Ferriss)

21.   The Daily Stoic (Ryan Holiday and Ryan Hanselman)

22.   The Obstacle is the way (Ryan Holiday)

23.   Zero to One (Peter Thiel)

24.   The Art of War (Sun Tzu)

25.   How to win friends & influence people (Dale Carnegie)


I know I’m late to the reading party but better late than never. I’m not really into reading fiction because my brain is only wired to consume something that I can use in my daily life. I know that reading fiction can help you become a better writer and it’s a good exercise for your imagination but as much as I wish I enjoy it, I just don’t. I can read comic books though.

If you’re wondering why I don’t have any fitness or diet books listed, I read a lot of it around 2009 and 2010 when I started my healthy living lifestyle, which I’ll be discussing in a bit.

I’m currently looking for suggestions for 2018

Currently on the To-read pile for 2018

1.       Tribe of Mentors (Tim Ferris) - Done.

2.       The Daily Stoic Journal (Ryan Holiday and Stephen Hanselman)* - Gift - Ongoing.

3.       Ego is the enemy (Ryan Holiday) - Done.

4.       Meditations (Marcus Aurelius) - Gift

5.       Sprint (Jake Knapp with John Zeratsky & Braden Kowitz) - Gift - Done.

6.       The Freelancer’s Bible (Sara Horowitz and Toni Sciarra Poynter) - Gift

7.       Man’s search for meaning (Viktor E. Frankl) - Recommended - Done.

8.       Google: How Google Works (Alan Eagle, Eric Schmidt, and Jonathan Rosenberg)

9.       Lonely Planet’s Instant Expert (Nigel Holmes)

10.     The Confidence Game (Maria Konnikova)

11.     Flash (Susan F. Benjamin)

12.     How to Hire & Develop Your Next Top Performer (Herbert M. Greenberg)

13.     Unshakeable: Your Financial Freedom Playbook (Tony Robbins)

14.     The Real-life MBA (Jack Welch and Suzy Welch)

15.     Evil Plans (Hugh Macleod) - Done

16.     The Presenting Coach (Tricia Woolfrey)

17.     Crushing It (Gary Vaynerchuk) - Done

18.    12 Rules for Life (Jordan B. Peterson)

19.    Talent IQ: Identify Your Company’s Top Performers (Emmett C. Murphy)

*Not exactly a “book” book but I’m working through it

I have more than half of the year covered but I’m open to more recommendations.