Flight: Landing your first 100 clients

Flight is a run-through of our main tips for aspiring digital art freelancers. This will cover the strategies we used to reel in our first 150 clients and what it took to complete 500 projects in our first 7 years. If you’re a solo digital freelancer looking for a step-by-step-guide on breaking into the industry, this talk is for you. We will help you map out your career’s trajectory by laying down all the information you’ll need to gather to strategically place you in a position for launch and developing the right bait for projects. As a bonus, we’ll also cover some of the techniques we developed to turn new clients into regulars.



The Awakening Series: Discovering your Why, Who, What, Where, With and How

Knock Customization: Knowing How, Where, and When to approach clients

Relationship-building tips: Turning new clients into regulars



2-3 hour talk with 15 – 30 minutes of Q-and-A followed by a portfolio review



The Freelancing Flight Checklist: A 100-item recap and form based on the tips discussed during the lecture.