I’m Emman Javier and I’m Emman with a Mission.


About the Site

Here, you’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at the studios I run, the properties we’ve been contributing to, and the clients we work with.

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Consultation and Collaboration 

Drawing from my background managing creatives for nearly two decades, I’m offering creative consultation and collaboration with digital art freelancers and art studios regarding portfolio development and client acquisition as well as high-end 2D art production, creative brief development, and project management.

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I provide talks, facilitate discussions, and produce handout material on several themes concerning the digital art industry, freelancing, studio-building, and creating a healthy lifestyle for home-based freelancers.

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The EmmanWithAMission blog covers the gamut of the Creative Professional experience: from digital art freelancing tips to running an art studio to maintaining a healthy freelancing lifestyle.



For all your questions, suggestions, complaints, collaboration offers or even for just a simple hello, feel free to connect with me here.

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Bonus Content

This is where I sort out a few of my interests that are mostly unrelated to digital art or freelancing. It covers books, languages, fitness, and several of my habit-building techniques.